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The Egyptian Journal of Medical Education
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The Egyptian Journal of Medical Education

Thank you for considering to be a reviewer for EJME

    If you wish to become a reviewer for EJME, we will notify you via electronic mail when there are manuscripts we would like you to consider reviewing. We will do our best to assign you manuscripts within your areas of interest and expertise.
    If you are too busy or for what ever reason and do not wish to review a particular manuscript, we certainly understand. If you agree to review the manuscript, it will be sent to you by e-mail. We request that you complete the review form within
ONE week. If there is any question about your ability to review the manuscript, please decline to review it. It is very important to us that authors receive feedback on their submissions as quickly as possible.

    Please e-mail the following to EJME

1-your name:
Note: Your name will appear in the Journal on the page acknowledging and thanking our reviewers. Please enter it as you would like it to appear. Also, since we have a semi-automated review system, this is how your name will appear in the salutation when you receive requests to review manuscripts.


2-your e-mail address:
Please double check to make sure your e-mail address is correct. This is how we will contact you and conduct the review process.


3-Indicate your areas of expertise and interest.

Choose all that apply:
- Basic science education
- Clinical science education
- Residency education
- Learning theory
- Problem-based learning (PBL)
- Curriculum development
- Research design and statistics
- Measurement and evaluation
- Faculty development

- Others (please specify)


4-Any additional comments concerning your interests, positions, degrees, qualifications and expertise that will help us assign manuscripts for your review.

Thank you for offering to review manuscripts. Your help is essential in making the Journal possible.

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