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the egyptian journal of medical education
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The Egyptian Journal of Medical Education

Open Publication License, Authorship Responsibility, Declaration of Competing Interests.

EJME papers are published under a  Creative Commons Attribution License

    The license grants others permission to use the content in whole or in part, and insures that the original authors and publisher / publication venue (the Egyptian Journal of Medical Education) will be properly credited/cited when content is used. It grants others permission to redistribute the content. Under this license, EJME becomes the original publisher of the work, but the article may be redistributed by anyone (eg, on the Web, in books as book chapters, or on a CD-ROM) However, authors should not publish the same article again in the academic body of literature, as this constitutes duplicate publication and scientific misconduct. This ensures the widest possible distribution of research for the authors.

Can I republish, print, distribute, or resell EJME content?
Yes, however, redistributors of EJME content are required to adhere to the following:

  1. Acknowledge the original author and publisher/journal, that is, the original source must be exactly cited as indicated at the bottom of each published article, including the URL of the original article on the EJME website. 

  2. It must be clear that the material published has been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. 

If these two conditions are met (usually by including the entire "please cite as" and copyright statement which is at the end of each article), no written permission is required from the copyright holder to redistribute or reprint the material. 

While not required, it is considered good practice to inform the editor, author, and publisher if articles are redistributed. If books or CD-ROMs are produced, the author and publisher should receive a free copy.

We do not recommend mirroring the entire EJME site, unless you can ensure that the content (including instructions for authors, editorial board, etc) is updated automatically. We want to avoid having multiple outdated copies of the same article or Web page on the Internet.


Publication agreement

If the paper is accepted, authors must sign and return by e-mail a publication agreement, an authorship responsibility form, and a declaration of competing interests form before the manuscript can be published. A preview of these forms is available here.


Code of Conduct 

The Egyptian Journal of Medical Education (EJME) website is strictly committed to the application of the following code of conduct :

1. Authoritative : Any medical or health advice provided and hosted on this site will only be given by medically trained and qualified professionals. 

2. Complementarity : The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a site visitor and his/her existing physician/educator.

3. Privacy : A limited amount of information about your visit to this website is collected for use in measuring the site's activity and to gather broad demographic information for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of the site. EJME© will not disclose, give, sell, or transfer any confidential personal or non-personal information without prior consent. This includes information sent via e-mail and information submitted on the site. Cookies are used. Confidentiality of data relating to individual visitors to this site, including their identity, is respected. The web site owner will undertake to honor or exceed the legal requirements of medical/health information privacy that apply in Egypt and internationally. 

4. Attribution : Where appropriate, information contained on this site will be supported by clear references to source data and, where possible, have specific HTML links to that data. The date when a clinical page was last modified will be clearly displayed.

5. Justifiability : Any claims relating to the benefits/performance of a specific service will be supported by appropriate, balanced evidence in the manner outlined above in Principle 4. 

6. Transparency : The designer of this Web site will seek to provide information in the clearest possible manner and provide contact addresses for visitors that seek further information or support. The webmaster will display his E-mail address clearly throughout the website.

7. Financial disclosure : This website has NO contributing agencies.

8. Advertising policy : This website allows NO advertising or commercial materials. Advertising is NOT a source of funding.

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